1 May 2016

Quiz 4- 10 Questions on Footprints - Answers

1. Shrines called Qadam Rasul are found  Delhi, Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Gaur (Malda), Murshidabad in West Bengal, Cuttak. What are they exclusively believed to contain?

Ans: They contain or contained the Footprints of Prophet Mohammed.

2.On February 6th 1971, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews sent an urgent telegram. It read thus "Before leaving a bunker, a player should fill up and smooth over the footprints he has made". To whom was it sent?

Ans: To Alan Shepard, after he played the famous golf shot on the moon. The lines were a reminder of golfing etiquette.

3.In Chinese folklore what was invented by the legendary inventor Ts'ang Chieh (Cangjie) and got his ideas from observing animals' footprints and birds' claw marks on the sand?

Ans: Chinese writing / Chinese Characters.
He started to work out simple images from what he conceived as representing different objects such as those that are given below:

4. At which place in Hollywood, California will you find the footprints, handprints and signatures of stars since 1920 ?

Ans: TCL Chinese Theater

5. Where will you find this ?

Ans: Gandhi Smriti, in New Delhi, former Birla house, the place where Gandhi was assassinated. The footsteps retrace the final steps of Gandhi.  The footprints lead to the 'Martyr's Column'

6.Which English word meaning a footprint, originates from the Hindi word with the same meaning ?

Ans: Pug, as in pugmark from the Hindi word Pag meaning foot or footprint.

7. . In the Buddhist tradition it symbolizes the feet, or the footprints, of the Buddha. It is often placed at the beginning and end of inscriptions, and modern Tibetan Buddhists use it as a clothing decoration. With the spread of Buddhism, it has passed into the iconography of China and Japan, where it has been used to denote plurality, abundance, prosperity, and long life.What?

Ans: Swastika 

8. This large, hairy human like creature has been variably described by many as a primate ranging from 6 to 15 feet tall. Its Footprints have measured up to 24 inches in length and 8 inches in width. The credit for the discovery of its first set of footprints is attributed to British explorer David Thompson and hundreds of alleged prints have been adduced since then. Visual sightings and even alleged photographs and filming notably by Roger Patterson in 1967 have also contributed to the legend, though none of the purported evidence has been verified and the creature still remains elusive. Which creature?

Ans: No, it's not the Yeti. It is the 'Sasquatch' also called Bigfoot, the North American counterpart of the Abominable Snowman, or Yeti.

9. This peak in the local language is called 'Samanhela'. The peak contains a depression about 1.5 m long by about 76 cm wide that is shaped like a human footprint.Buddhist believe that it is the footprint left by Buddha, while for the Hindus it is the footprint of lord Shiva. But it is the muslim belief that gives this peak its English name. Ibn Battutah climbed the peak in 1345 to see the footprint. Which peak ?

Ans: Adam's Peak, Sri Pada. According to Muslim tradition, the summit was the scene of the penance of Adam (after his expulsion from Paradise), during which he stood on one foot for a thousand years.

10. Cacus, an ancient Roman fire god and son of Vulcan, another Roman god of fire inhabited a cave on Mount Aventine, and plundered the surrounding country.When Hercules came to Italy with the cattle of Geryon, a three-headed monster, Cacus stole some of the cattle and took them to his cave.What stratagem did Cacus use to prevent the footprint of the cattle from showing where they were taken ?

Ans: He dragged them backward by their tails to his cave; so their tracks all seemed to show that they had gone in the opposite direction.But the noise of the cattle betrayed their whereabouts, and Hercules found the thief and killed him.

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