22 May 2016

Quiz 7- 10 Questions on 'Events in the Bathtub' - Answers

A man complained to Alfred Hitchcock  that because his wife had seen the film, she refused to bathe or shower. He wanted suggestions as to what he could do and Hitchcock replied, "Sir, have you ever considered sending your wife to the dry cleaner?"

1. When Napoleon Bonaparte was taking bath one morning, his brothers Joseph and Lucien rushed in filled with rage, because of a certain decision taken by Napoleon. His brothers were angry because he refused to consult the legislature about it and they warned Napoleon that he will be exiled if he carried out his plans. Hearing this Napoleon fell back angrily in the tub, splashing water all over Joseph and Napoleon's valet, who was standing by with hot towels over his arm, crashed to the floor in a dead faint. Which action by Napoleon were the brothers protesting?

Ans: Napoleon's plan to sell Louisiana to America

2.He is supposedly the first person to import a bathtub into America. He improved its design and carried much of his correspondence and reading while being soaked in the tub. Which well known personality?

Ans: Benjamin Franklin

3.In Greek mythology, after his returned from the Trojan war, who was murdered by his wife , Clytemnestra who struck him twice with an axe while he was relaxing in the tub?


4. Below is a PETA advertisement featuring a pregnant Marisa Miller. Against whom were they protesting ?

Ans: Seaworld . To bring awareness about mother orcas who are separated from their calves, which are taken to separate parks and ultimately confined to tanks.

5.While composing his last opera, 'Parsifal',  this composer soaked himself in a tub scented with vast quantities of Milk of Iris perfume for several hours every day. He insisted that the water be kept hot and heavily perfumed so that he could smell it as he sat at his desk, clad in outlandish silk and fur dressing gowns and surrounded by vials and sachets of exotic scents. Who?

Ans: Richard Wagner.

6. The city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Canada, hosts which famous annual event during mid-July?

Ans: International Bathtub Race during which participants race in motorized bathtubs across the Georgia strait to Vancouver

7. This name was coined by Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in a bathtub.  On the morning of 1 January 1942, Churchill, who was staying in the White House,over the New Year's holiday, was taking a bath when Roosevelt knocked  on the door, was wheeled into the bathroom, and proposed he proposed the name.Churchill instantly liked the name and accepted it.Which Name?

Ans:United Nations. He got the name from Byron's Childe Harold:
   Here, where the sword United Nations drew,
   Our countrymen were warring on that day!
   And this is much--and all--which will not pass away

8. Jean-Paul Marat, who played an active role in the French revolution was assassinated by Charlotte Corday in 1793 . She killed him with a butchers knife while he was taking bath in his bathtub. This Event was made into a drama in 1963 by Peter Weiss and was later made into a movie directed by Peter Brook. The 1963 drama is about an imaginary play featuring inmates of  the historical Charenton Asylum in the early 1800s and centers around the assassination. In the drama, which historic character, who spent 13 years in the Charenton Asylum directs the play ?

Ans:  Marquis de Sade, from whose name the word sadism originates. The drama titles 'The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade.', in the drama the actors are supposed to be the actual inmates performing the play, and the audience is supposed to be the 18th-century nobility watching them. This idea pulls the audience into the play itself, rather than allowing it to be passively entertained

9. Keith Relf the lead vocalist of the group 'The Yardbirds' died in his bathtub in 1976. What was he doing that killed him?

Ans: He was electrocuted while playing his improperly earthed electric-guitar in the bathtub.

10. This colorful personality often told people that he was one of a set of identical twins. No one could tell them apart because they were so similar. One day one of the twins drowned in bathtub, but no one ever knew which twin it was. he would then continue telling , "That was the tragedy. Everyone thought I was the one that lived, but I wasn't. It was my brother who lived. I was the one that was drowned!" Who?

Ans: Mark Twain.

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