22 May 2016

Quiz 8- 10 questions on Scratches

"I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. And scratch where it itches."-Alice Lee Longworth

1. If a doctor conducts a 'scratch test' on you, what is he/she doing?

2.For what innovation are DJ's 'Grandmaster Flash' and his apprentice Grand wizzard Theodore best remembered in the world of music?

3.The term for this art technique is derived from an Italian word meaning “scratched.”The technique involves producing a design by incising or cutting through a surface layer of paint or plaster to reveal a contrasting undercoat. The technique was common in ancient Egyptian and Roman art and has been found in Pompeii and the Roman catacombs, the most famous of which is a caricature of Christ on the cross, found on the walls of the Domus Gelotiana on the Palatine Hill in Rome in 1856. The art has been a traditional folk art in Europe since the Middle Ages and was practiced as a fine art in 13th-century Germany. It has been recently revived in northern Europe.Which art form?

Caricature in Domus Gelotiana

The art form used in ceramics.

4.This disease, named after a south Indian city, results from inoculation into a scratch or abrasion of any of a number of fungi including Penicillium and Aspergillus (or even bacteria from the phylum Actinomycetes) .The disease also called mycetoma (Eumycetoma) fungus infection was first reported from the region around the city after which it is named and occurs most frequently in tropical and subtropical areas where people go barefoot. Which disease?

Click here to view an image ; Note image is very graphic. 

5.The movie 'Polyester' released in 1981 was about a middle-class woman in Baltimore, trying to maintain her dignity in a chaotic atmosphere of tacky flamboyance. The movie was directed by John Waters and starred the transvestite Divine who played Francine Fishpaw, a housewife whose son is the notorious Baltimore Foot Stomper and whose husband runs a porno theater, the source of neighborhood protest and of the Fishpaws’ middle-class income. To make matters worse, Francine’s husband has an affair with his secretary, but soon Todd Tomorrow, a dashing heartthrob, comes to her rescue.Why were the audience to this movie given scratch cards?

Trailer of the movie (certain parts have been edited out. If you are unable to watch the movie- It's ok )

6. “Itchy and Scratchy” on The Simpsons television show is a parody of which academy award winning film/ short film ?

7. Which animal gets its name from the native north american word for “he who scratches with his hands?”The name so given because of a very special behaviour of the animal.

8.Reggae music producer, Perry Lee is nicknamed "Scratch" because his first album “The Chicken Scratch,” helped reshape reggae music.He pioneered the reggae instrumental form known as dub, in which sections of a rhythm track were removed and others emphasized through echo, distortion, repetition, and backward tape looping.Other than his own recordings he produced hits for Justin Hines and Delroy Wilson and played an important part in the early success of Jamaica's biggest group, the Wailers which included Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. What did Perry lee do to his finished master tapes to give them the proper “vibe?"

9.In which sport will one come across a 'scratch player?'

10. "May the enemies of Ireland never eat bread nor drink whisky, but be tormented with itching without benefit of scratching." If you were to here these words, what would you be doing?


  1. 1.
    2. Turning the vinyl records to get scratchy sound
    3. Etched
    6. Tom and Jerry
    7. Racoon
    8. Stored with cannabis
    10. Scratching your back on the wall or something

  2. 1. Checking for allergies.
    2. Scratching, i.e. holding down a moving record to produce the scratch sound effect.
    4. Tetanus
    5. To win a contest?
    6. Tom and Jerry
    9. Golf, zero handicap players are called so.
    10. Drinking?

  3. 1. Allergy testing
    5. Smelly vision
    6. Tom and Jerry
    7. American version of yeti?
    9. Golf
    10. Being tortured

  4. Ancil Concesso22 May 2016 at 19:05

    1. Taking samples from inside of the mouth for DNA testing?
    2. Scratching technique?
    3. –pass-
    4. Madurai? (Elephanta (near Mumbai) is not a city (but caves) or else would have guessed Elephantiasis)
    5. To scratch the card if the movie made them uneasy??
    6. Hutch and Starsky??
    7. Raccoon
    8. Assuming that he smoked drugs – he used the smoke or ashes on the tapes??
    9. Golf
    10. Raising a mug of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day?

  5. 1 Allergy testing
    5 The cards would release a smell
    9 Golf

    Julian D'Costa

  6. 1 testing for allergies
    2 first DJ to use scratching of records
    3 Instaglio
    4 Madras foot
    5 Smells during different scenes in the movie?
    6 Ren and Stimpy
    7 Racoon
    8 rubbed them with sandpaper to get a scratchy hissy sound?
    9 Golf?
    10 A toast before drinking.

  7. 1. Checking for TB
    2. For 'scratch' records
    3. Graffiti
    4. Elephantisis
    5. They had some scent, and viewers could scratch them to smell them
    6. Tom & Jerry
    7. Meer cats
    8. Scratched the records so that they produce a certain sound
    9. Bingo
    10. Maybe, tied to a bed


  8. 9. Golf
    10. At a Sinn Fein meeting.

  9. Ok - I dont know a single answer - so making up answers as I go along.
    1. Checking for Leprosy
    2. For keeping their fingers on the records while they were playing, slowing them down, which all DJs do now
    3. Enamel
    4. Madras foot or Kannur Foot
    5. Film has many endings and the scratch card allots an ending to each member of the audience
    6. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    7. Skunk
    8. He got each record scratched
    9. Lacrosse
    10. Watching football / rugby - or celebrating St.Michael's day


  10. 1. Testing blood flow and clotting?
    2. Hip-hop style scratching on the turntable
    3. Sgraffito?
    4. Trichonolomia, or something like that?
    5. To smell relevant 'scents' at different points in the movie
    6. The Ren and Stimpy show
    7. Otter?
    8. He scrateched them with something?
    9. Golf
    10. Celebrating St Patrick's Day at a pub

    – Annie