25 Sep 2016

Quiz 25- 10 Questions on places that have been the cradle to a genre of music -Answer

1. This city has the distinction of being the birth place for the most number of genre's of music. Some of them being Punk rock, Modern salsa, Tin Pan Alley, hip hop, disco, New Wave,No Wave,  jazz, bop, free jazz, acid jazz, swing music, electroclash etc. Which city?
Ans: New York

2. . Between the late 16th and the 18th centuries, this term was a common, coarse synonym for prostitute and was first used in relation to this genre of music by some American critics in the early 1970's. The genre began as a movement of disaffected youth of the late 1970's, in New York and London and stressed aggressive and fast performance, often within a three-chord, three-minute format and often contained political, anti-establishment lyrics.  The music was influenced by  Reggae and rockabilly. Which Genre of music?
Ans: Punk (Punk rock)

3.With which country would you associate c-pop genre of music ?
Ans: Mainland China. C-pop is an abbreviation for Chinese popular music.

4. Though Bhangra music is commonly associated with Punjab, it originated in United Kingdom, when the Punjabi diaspora there, experimented with western music and Punjabi folk songs. Which British city has the distinction of recording the first Bhangra album ?

Ans: Birmingham in 1967 by Bhujhangy Group

5. Fela Kuti was a multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer,  human rights activist and is credited with the invention of the Afrobeat music genre. Afrobeat is a combination of traditional music of two African nations and was founded in one of these nations. It is the most popular music genre in these countries today. Which two countries? (correctly name any one country for full points)

Ans: Nigeria and Ghana.

6. It has been called the first original art form to develop in the United States of America and originated in New Orleans.  The root of this category of music is the blues, the folk music of former African slaves in the U.S. South and their descendants. Heavily influenced by West African cultural and musical traditions that evolved as black musicians migrated to the cities. The origin of the term is also not clear and one of the many colourful theories in extant is that it came from the nickname of  Jasbo Brown, an travelling musician along the banks of the Mississippi. Identify this syncopated popular music genre?
Ans: Jazz

7. Tracing its origin to Los Angeles the first use of this word in a rock music is thought to have been by the New York-based folk group The Holy Modal Rounders on their version of Lead Belly's "Hesitation Blues" in 1964. The '13th Floor Elevators' became the first to advertise themselves as making music of this genre . In Britain the genre was made popular by  Eric Burdon, The Who and The Beatles especially in their album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band '. Which genre of music?
Ans: Psychedelic Rock

8. This music is indigenous to the southern Caribbean and popular in Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname. It's a mixture of Bhojpuri, Western and local music and gaining increasing popularity in Canada and UK. The genre was created by Indo-Caribbean people whose ancestors were from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and were taken as indentured servants by the British as laborers on sugar plantations. Despite the source of the music, the name of this Genre is reminiscent of something associated with south Indian breakfast. What genre?
Ans: Chutney Music.

9. This music type originated in Kingston and was closely linked to the religion Rastafarianism. The music originated In 1963 when a young Jamaican boy named Jackie Mittoo was asked by a man named Coxsone Dodd to run sessions and compose original music at a studio on Brentford Rd. called Studio One. Which genre was thus created by Jackie Mittoo using the traditional ska beat at Studio One ?
Ans: Reggae

10. The classical music of this country is called 'Klasik'. The genre is heavily influenced by Hindustani music in terms of terminology and structure. The music however is less concerned with the ragas and more with rhythm, which is played with the tabla imported from India.  Which country?
Ans: Afghanistan

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