18 Sep 2016

Quiz 24- 10 Questions on commercially caught fish. Answer

1.Considered to be the most healthiest among fish, this fish belonging to the Herring family got it's name from an island in the Mediterranean, where they were once abundant and also canned for the first time. Which fish ?

Ans: Sardines. Canned herring was dubbed "sardines" because the canning process was first developed in Sardinia, Italy.

2.The very first 'Calvin and Hobbes'  strip. What bait does Calvin use in his trap ?
Ans: Tuna Fish Sandwich

3. This is a Vincent Van Gogh painting, titled "Still Life with X, lemon and tomato". X is the name of the fish in the painting. Identify it.

Ans: Still Life with mackerel, lemon and tomato. Fish is Mackerel.

4. John Dory is an odd looking fish with a odd sounding name- However it is pretty popular in the UK, especially to cook fish and chips. The fish is also popularly used in fine dining restaurants in Australia and New Zealand where it is popular with chefs because it goes well with a wide variety of ingredients and flavourings and the bones from its head make an excellent stock. The fish is also known by another name- since the dark spot is considered to be the fingerprint of this catholic saint. Whose fingerprints does the fish carry ?

Ans: St. Peter. Hence the fish is also called Peter's Fish. Many other fish that have similar dark spots have also the nickname of St. Peters Fish and the black spot is considered to by St. Peter's fingerprint. Ex. Tilapia, Red Drum, certain Cod fish etc.

5. What is the difference between Anadromous fish and Catadromous fish ?

Ans: An anadromous fish, born in fresh water, spends most of its life in the sea and returns to fresh water to spawn. Ex. Salmon, smelt, shad, striped bass, and sturgeon.
A catadromous fish does the opposite - lives in fresh water and enters salt water to spawn. Most of the eels are catadromous.

6. 6. There are 17 types in this family of fish. One of them, the Orange finned-humpback is found in the Cauvery river and has been known to anglers around the globe as ‘one of the largest and hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world’.  It was first mentioned as an angling challenge by the Oriental Sporting Magazine in 1833, soon becoming a favorite quarry of British anglers living in India and today many tourists come to Cauvery basin just for angling this fish. In the 1970's The Maharashtra Fisheries department noticed a declined in the population of this fish and they approached Tata Power to help save the endangered fish. Slowly millions of tiny fingerlings were released into the river to repopulate the fish. However a large number of blue finned variety too were released along with the humback and today the blue fin fish is replacing the endemic humpback kind. Many today believe the Orange finned-humpback, which is placed in the IUCN red list, will be extinct within a generation. What is the common, well known name of this fish?
Ans: Mahseer

7. Fugu (Pufferfish)  is the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine. The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan since it can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin. Although anyone in Japan can walk into a restaurant and  order a Fugu - who is the only Japanese who is forbidden from eating Fugu?
Ans: The Emperor of Japan - has traditionally been forbidden from eating fugu for safety reasons.

8. Which two countries were engaged in a series of confrontation over fishing rights in the North Atlantic and was popularly termed as 'Cod war"?
Ans:  Iceland and Britain. In 1958 Iceland decided to extend its fisheries jurisdiction from 4 to 12 mi; the British responded by sending warships to protect their trawlers in Icelandic waters.Thus resulting in  Cod War that lasted until 1961 and was won by Iceland.

9.  These mostly come in four varieties; they are Beluga, Sterlet, Ossetra, and Sevruga. Beluga is the rarest and the costliest and is black or gray; Israel is the largest producer of Ossetra ; sevruga, is the smallest and is greenish black. What am I talking about?
Ans: Caviar- Named after the sturgeon fish from which they are obtained.

10. Tilapia is one of the oldest aqua-cultured fish and dates back to Ancient Egypt, where it was represented by the hieroglyph . Today aquaculture  has become a refined science and people realised that the presence of female tilapia results in rapidly increasing populations of small fish, rather than a stable population of harvest-size animals. Hence commercially grown tilapia are almost exclusively male. How are the female Tilapia eliminated from a spawn of tilapia fish ?

Ans: Tilapia can change the sex after birth. Cultivators use hormones, such as testosterone, to reverse the sex of newly spawned females.

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