4 Sep 2016

Quiz 23- 10 questions on Measurements

Torino number is a scale adopted in 1999 to express the  likelihood of an asteroid or comet colliding with the Earth and the Palermo scale to assess the risk of an impact on the earth by a comet or asteroid. Now lets quiz on some other measurements.

1. Which alternative system of medicine uses the unit t'sun ?

2. Samuel Clemen's took his pen name 'Mark Twain'  from a river man's term for a certain depth in the river . This was the minimum depth needed for the boats to operate safely without running aground. How many Fathoms was Mark Twain equivalent of ?

3. Degree Lovibond is a unit used to measure which characteristics of Honey or Beer?

4. The Ringelmann scale was developed by Maximilien Ringelmann in Paris in 1888 for measuring density of something. It has 5 levels of density measurements inferred from a grid of black lines on a white surface which, if viewed from a distance, merge into known shades of grey. What does the scale measure ?
0 is represented by white.

5. In 1920  G.M.B. Dobson a  British physicist; invented a spectrometer to measure ozone concentrations from the ground. Today the unit for measuring the ozone in the atmosphere is named after him. So one Dobson unit represents the amount of atmospheric ozone that would form a uniform layer 0.01 millimeter (10 micrometers) thick at standard temperature and pressure. Under normal conditions, the atmosphere contains about 300 Dobson units of ozone. What happens when the reading becomes 220 Dobson units or less?

6. For devising a  formulae for calculating the probability of congestion  Danish mathematician A. K. Erlang was honoured by naming a unit to measure the traffic intensity, after him. What kind of traffic does Erlang represent?

7. The unit to measure electrical conductance (under SI system) is named after the founder of a well known company. Name either the unit or the company.

8. For the ease of understanding and  for easily relatable comparisons- what is some times also expressed in "The Banana Equivalent Dose"?

9.When the British standardised Weights and Measures in India in 1833, this was the base unit of mass. Traditionally the weight was equal to 100 ratti (ruttee) seeds,and its exact weight varied according to locality. The British standardised it to 180 troy ounces. This unit has been used in India since vedic times and the coins minted from Emperor Akbar's period to East India company's days weighed one of this unit. What unit?

Ratti seeds

10. Rick and cord are two units used to measure the same quantity. But rick is made illegal in many places because the size of rick has been manipulated by vendors. What are these two units used to measure?


  1. 1. T'sun sounds Chinese and so their medicinal practice of acupuncture and acupressure?
    2. Two? Twain might refer to two. And Mark Twain would mean Mark 2?
    3. Colour?
    4. The density of smokes from chimneys/stacks – how dark the smoke is?
    5. Hole in Ozone Layer
    6. Trolley traffic in supermarkets? 
    7. Siemens
    8. Dosages of Vitamin B?
    9. Ser?
    10. Bunch of flowers?

  2. 1. Homeopathy
    2. 2 Fathoms
    3. Color of beer or honey
    4. Grayscale in printing
    5. Ozone Hole
    6. Internet traffic load on servers?
    7. Tesla?
    8. Daily dose of Potassium
    9. Tola
    10. Firewood

  3. 1. Ayurveda
    2. 2
    3. Colour
    4. Density of Eiffel Tower
    5. Harmful UV rays of the sun reach us and can cause skin cancer
    6. Traffic on internet
    7. Siemens
    8. Radioactivity

  4. 1. Acupuncture
    2. Two
    3. Its darkness/lightness
    4. Smog
    5. It lets through potentially dangerous levels of ultra-violet radiation.
    6. Air traffic
    7. Siemens
    8. Nuclear radiation
    9. Tola
    10. The length of rope

  5. 1. Tibetan medicine?
    2. Two
    3. Umm... viscosity?
    4. Ink on paper in printing
    5. Everything gets fried by UV rays?
    6. Data traffic on the Internet?
    7. Michael Faraday
    8. Irradiation?
    9. Dam?
    10. No idea

    - Annie

  6. 1. Acupunture
    2. Two
    3. Transparency?
    4. Smoke colour and effects
    5. Ozone hole?
    6. Martitime Traffic
    7. Siemens
    8. Concentration of potassium in foodstuffs?
    9. Tola
    10. Milk volume

  7. 1. Homeopathy
    2. Ten
    3. Stickiness
    4. Pencil thickness
    5. Ozone Hole
    6. Internet traffic (data)
    8. Radiation levels
    9. Rupee
    10. Length of rope

  8. 1. Acupuncture
    2. Two
    4. Density of print upon a page
    5. Ozone hole
    6. Internet traffic
    9. Mann
    10. Hay

  9. 1. Acupuncture
    2. Five
    3. Clarity
    4. Rugs/carpet
    5. Not noticeable to human nos.
    6. Shipping
    7. Watt
    8. Medicine to be taken (by a chimp/child)?
    9. Cowrie shells
    10. Cloth

    Paul. Oh how nice it is to have good wifi!

  10. 1. Acupuncture
    5. Is it ozone hole?
    7. Siemens

    Amit Shet

  11. 1. Accupuncture
    2. Two (Hence Twain)
    5. Risk of skin cancer due to UV radiation?

    -Aditya Mallya