9 Oct 2016

28- 10 Questions on Carpets

1. "The dropping of large numbers of bombs, so as to cause uniform devastation over a given area" and "to conduct an intensive campaign, especially in the media, to sway public opinion or to destroy somebody’s reputation". These are two definitions of a single phrase. Which phrase?

2. In one of the stories of One Thousand and One Nights, the Sultan of the Indies has three sons who want to marry their cousin Princess Nouronnihar. So the Sultan says he will give her to the prince who brings back the most extraordinary rare object. Prince Husain, the eldest son of the Sultan buys a magic carpet. From which Indian city, the capital of a well known empire, does he buy the carpet from?

3.Connect  Sehna, Spanish and Ghiordes in relation to carpets ?

4.Indo-isfahan, were handmade carpets manufactured in India during the 17th century. These carpets were imitations of the Herat carpet and were exported in quantity to Europe, especially to Portugal and the Low Countries, by the various East India companies. Today these carpets are frequently seen in 17th-century Dutch paintings. Although the carpet was made in India why was the name Esfahan suffixed with Indo?

5.It was one of the most unusual way to meet anyone. But she was bought in front of him concealed in a carpet. The dramatic introduction then happened when she stepped out of the unrolled carpet. Who met whom in this fashion?

6. Erastus Brigham Bigelow,had to forego formal education at the age of 10. At the age of 23 he invented his first loom for lace manufacture. Bigelow followed this with other power looms for weaving a variety of figured fabrics, tapestry carpeting, and ingrain carpeting. Several years later, he founded the Bigelow carpet mills and from 1845 to 1851 Bigelow developed his greatest invention, a power loom for the manufacture of Brussels and Wilton carpets. His inventions provided a large impetus to carpet manufacture in Europe as well as in the United States. Bigelow later became the co-founder of one of Americas greatest institute. Which Institute ?

7. GoodWeave International, formerly known as Rugmark, is a network of non-profit organizations dedicated to ending illegal child labour in the rug and carpet making industry. Who was its founder?

8. During the Middle Ages, when manuscript painting was considered a high art, illuminators frequently decorated their codices with a carpet page. What was a carpet page?

9.This Indian city is also known as the "Carpet City," as it is home to the largest hand-knotted carpet weaving industry hub in South Asia.  The city also has a Geographical Indication (GI) tag for the carpets manufactured here. Which city?

10.Which company first introduced the astro-turf?


  1. 1. Carpet bombing or carpet attack/strike?
    2. Delhi – Mughal capital
    3. These are style of carpet weaving (probably how the base is knitted before the design is weaved??)
    4. Isfahan is related to Iran. So guessing, that the Irani carpet weavers migrated to India, and the said carpet was weaved by these Irani weavers (probably Persians moved when Shah was mated – as in shahmath / checkmate!!!)
    5. The Djinn turned into a carpet and rolled himself around Jasmine and took her to Alladin, where he unrolled and she stepped out!
    6. Harvard?? Heeheee
    7. Somebody from India?
    8. Painted cover page
    9. –Pass--
    10. –pass--

  2. 1. Carpet bombing

    2. Kandahar

    6. Caltech ?

    7. Princess Diana

    9. A small town in Haryana, up.... Can't remember it's name

    10. 3m ?

  3. 1. Carpet bombing
    2. Agra?
    3. Types of weaves?
    4. Because the originals came from the city of Esfahan in Iran, perhaps?
    5. Caesar and Cleopatra
    6. Smithsonian?
    7. Kailash Satyarthi, right?
    8. A frontispiece that was fully illustrated?
    9. Moradabad?
    10. Monsanto

    - Annie

  4. 1. Carpet Bombing
    2. Ujjain
    3. _
    4. The designs were from India - probably the Taj Mahal
    7. Kailash Sathyarthi or Swami Agnivesh
    8. Page with intricate rich designs like a carpet
    9. Karnal


  5. 1. Carpet bombing
    7. Kailash Sathyarti
    8. Index
    9. Hyderabad

  6. 1. To carpet
    5.Alladin and Jasmine
    6.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    7.Warren Buffet

  7. 1. Carpet bombing
    2. Mysore
    3. Red carpets
    4. Same name from another country (Turkey?)
    5. The Princess met Alladin
    7. Bill Gates
    8. Woollen pages to protect the fragile paintings
    9. Jalandhar

  8. 1. Carpet Bombing
    2. Pataliputra (Patna)
    4. The industry was set up by migrants from Isfahan.
    5. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
    6. The Smithsonian
    7. Kailash Satyarthi
    8. The last page of the codex.