7 Aug 2016

Quiz 19- 10 questions on stairs

1. On December 4, 1981, lights went out on the spiral staircase of this famous monument and the resulting panic created a stampede in which forty-five people were trampled to death. The incident resulted in the government banning tourist from ever entering the monument. Which monument?

2.The escalator was originally a trademark of which company ?

3.On a display screen or monitor curved or slanted edges on type characters are prone to a 'staircasing effect', also called as the “jaggies.”It happens because the resolution of the image is too coarse to achieve the appearance of a smooth line or curve. What term is used to define the smoothing of this jagged, “stairstep” appearance ?

4.On Prinsengracht, street was a three storied building, the first floor was a warehouse, the second floor consisted of offices, and the third floor served as a storeroom.The staircase of the building had a sliding bookcase and behind this bookcase was a secret area. Which famous book was written here?

5. This American film comedian and directors original name was Joseph Frank. He earned his famous nickname when, at age 18 months he fell down a long flight of stairs; magician Harry Houdini picked up the unhurt infant, turned to the boy's parents and chuckled “That's some ________ your baby took.” Joe and Myra the boy's parents added the name to  his name and has been known ever since by that name. Who?

6.The Winchester Mystery House is a bizarrely constructed Victorian mansion in California. It was the house of Sarah L. Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune.The 160 room mansion contains stairs and passages that lead to nowhere or to a brick wall. Why was the house constructed in this fashion ?

7.Where will you find this stairway?

8.If a dam has a fish ladder, what is it used for or what is its purpose ?

9.The name for the phenomenon comes from French encyclopedist and philosopher Denis Diderot's description of such a situation in his 'Paradoxe sur le com├ędien' he called it  'esprit de l'escalier'. In English it is 'called staircase wit' or ' "escalator wit", what is it ?

10.The below work titled 'The Rude descending a staircase (Rush-Hour at the Subway)' was printed in The New York Evening Sun, on 20 March 1913 and was a parody of a famous painting that was creating a sensation in New York because it was considered too radical. The painting was synthesis of two modern-art styles: cubism and futurism and was  popularly described as “an explosion in a shingle factory" Which painting does the below comic caricature and who was the artist (of the actual painting) ?


  1. 1. Qutb Minar
    2. Otis?
    3. Dithering
    4. Diary of Anne Frank
    5. Buster Keaton?
    6. Because she was afraid of ghosts and thought they would be foxed by these culs-de-sac
    7. Within the Eiffel Tower?
    8. To prevent fish being sucked into the barrage?
    9. The tendency to fool around and pretend to fall while you're going up or down one?
    10. 'Nude Descending a Staircase', Picasso
    11. Nehru?
    12. Its length
    13. The edge of a stair that sometimes sticks out beyond its vertical face?
    14. 'Ulysses'?

    Why are there 14 questions?

    - Annie

  2. 2.Otis
    4.The diary of Anne Frank
    6.To prevent robbers from stealing stuff
    12.Floor Surface Area
    13.Distance between two successive steps
    14.Oliver Twist

  3. 1 Qutub Minar
    2 Otis
    3 Anti Aliasing
    4 Diary of Anne Frank
    5 Bouncing
    7 Statue of Liberty
    8 To let fish move up or down stream (usually up) past dams
    10 Duchamp's Nude descending a staircase.

  4. 1. Qutb Minar?
    2. OTIS?
    3. Chiselling?
    4. The Thirteenth Floor
    5. Pass
    6. Sarah was a bad architect? Or purposely to confuse the ghosts?
    7. Inside the Statue of Liberty?
    8. For upstream movement of fishes across the dam (like eel going upstream?)
    9. Making witty remark using a term from the witty remark made by the other person and carrying on?
    10. pass

  5. 1. Loretto Chapel?
    2. Otis
    4. Ann Frank Diary? (If yes clue in next Question!)
    7. Cape Canavaral (or NASA anyhow)?
    8. Get small boats over the dam?
    10. Picasso

  6. 1. Qutb Minar
    2. Otis
    3. Vectoring
    4. The Diary of Anne Frank
    5. Buster Keaton
    6. So that any intruders wouldn't be able to easily find their way to the old lady's bedroom.
    7. The Eiffel Tower
    8. To slow down the speed of the water
    9. A joke short enough to be told in the duration it takes to ride on an escalator.
    10. Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

  7. 1. Kutub Minar
    2. Otis
    3. Airbrushing
    4. The Diary of Anne Frank
    5. W. C Fields
    6. It was constructed as a maze.
    7.Guggenheim Museum
    8. To go down to water level for fishing.
    10. Picasso.

  8. 1. Qutub Minar
    2. Otis
    3. Anti-jagging
    4. Diary of Anne Frank
    7. Eiffel Tower
    8. To allow fish to cross the dam?

  9. 2. Otis
    4. Diary of Anne Frank
    5. Buster Keaton
    6. So that ghosts get lost
    7. Statue of Liberty?
    10. Nude Descending a Staircase. Couldn't remember the painter.