31 Jul 2016

Quiz 17- 10 Questions on Salutes - Answers

1.At the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, Mexico, American track-and-field athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos who finished first and third in the 200-meter race,were expelled from the Olympics, their medals stripped  and  were ejected from the United States team .Why?

Ans:  During award ceremonies Smith and Carlos bowed their heads and gave the Black Power salute of a raised fist during the playing of the national anthem. Both wearing black socks and one black glove each , which symbolised black poverty and black unity in racist America

The athlete who stood second was Australian Peter Norman, what many however do not know is that Norman too showed his solidarity with  Smith and Carlos by wearing an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge.

2.This one on  Switzerland’s most famous folk hero. According to legend, a villainous governor named Gessler was sent by Habsburg authorities to govern the canton of Uri. To proclaim his power, Gessler required passing locals to salute his hat, which had been placed on a pole. When this swiss hero  refused, he was arrested and given a unique punishment which he accomplished but  was arrested again, and  later escaped and killed Gessler—an event that is said to have prompted the Swiss uprising against the Habsburgs. Who?

Ans: William Tell -  He was arrested and ordered to shoot an arrow through an apple resting on his son’s head

3. In April 1971 Soviet union launched  the first space station of any kind it was called Salyut 1 . The name Salyut, which means “salute,” was as a tribute to which well known Russian ?

Ans: Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first person in space. Gagarin had been killed in the crash of a jet fighter during a routine training flight in 1968.

4.Robert Baden-Powell was a friend of Rudyard Kipling and used themes from the Jungle book in the Scout movement of which he was the founder. One such gesture is the two finger salute used by cub scout. Which character in the Jungle book is the two finger salute inspired from ?

Ans: Akela the wolf and the wolf pack.  In the The Wolf Cub's Handbook, Baden-Powell wrote: Why two fingers? Well, you know what a Wolf's head looks like with two ears cocked up. It is used as the badge of the Wolf Cub. Your two fingers in the salute are the two ears of the Wolf."
full marks for Wolf or Akela

5. To Remember what did  Lord Wavell, the last but one viceroy of India ,used the  mnemonic "Hot Kippers make Good Breakfast"?

Ans: The five largest Indian states entitled to a 21 gun salute. - Hyderabad, Kashmir, Mysore, Gwalior, and Baroda.

6. Which two sports have a Ten-Bell salute to give honour to a dead sportsman in their respective fields?

Ans: Professional wrestling and Boxing.

7. A traditional salute of the airforce includes a four plane flying  formation when suddenly one plane  ejects out of the formation and disappears  over the horizon. On what occasion is  this salute given?

Ans:This is called a missing man salute or missing  man  formation and is given to a pilot whose plane is crashed and his body not recovered.

8. In the US the  'Pledge of  Allegiance' is an expression of allegiance to the flag of the United States and the republic of the United States of America. It was first given with the arm outstretched and  palm slightly up and was called the Bellamy Salute. Why was it changed to the present day  right hand over the heart ?

Ans: Because outstretched arm with palm slightly up resembled the Nazi party's salute. So the Congress changed it during World War II to the arm across the chest.

 Removal of the Bellamy salute occurred on December 22, 1942

9. During the 1936 Berlin Olympics, other than the United States, which was the only contingent that refused to salute Adolf Hitler ?

Ans: India. The decision not to salute the Fuhrer ideologically stemmed from the anti-Nazi party stand taken by the congress .
The colouful Indian Contingent at the Berlin Games.

10. Members of which  religious group do not  salute the flag of any country  because it is  against their beliefs to show allegiance to any government?

Ans: Jehovah’s Witnesses

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