10 Jul 2016

Quiz 14- 10 questions on facial hair other than moustache - Answers

1.According to the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, Roman general Scipio Africanus the Elder, was the first Roman to do what, which today for most of us  is a everyday routine?

Ans:  First Roman to shave every day.

2. Which Russian Emperor passed a law making shaving compulsory and for  those who persisted in wearing a beard, were taxed in proportion to their rank?

Ans: Peter the Great in 1705. In 1535, King Henry VIII of England, who wore a beard himself, introduced a tax on beards. His daughter, Elizabeth I of England, reintroduced the beard tax, taxing every beard of more than two weeks' growth.

3.  Ambrose Burnside  a Union general during the U.S. Civil War, allowed whiskers to grow on the sides of his face while shaving his chin, a style that was named after him. Which word  today is derived from this style ?

Ans: Sideburns , They  was  known as “burnsides,” after his name, and later came to be called sideburns.

4. According to the Greek historian Herodotus, in ancient Egypt when a dog died everyone in the house would shave their whole body as well as their head. Similarly what did they have to shave when a cat died?

Ans: Shave their eyebrows.

5. According to my Oxford dictionary Vibrissae means 1. Long stiff hairs growing around the mouth or elsewhere on the face of many mammals. Ex Whiskers.
or Coarse bristle- like feathers growing around the gape of certain insectivorous birds that catch insects in flight.
The term Vibrissae however was used in a different context in the 17th Century and meant a particular type of hair. What hair in a Human body was Vibrissae originally ?

Ans: Nasal hair or nose hair.

6. In Kathakali, The personality trait of a character in the play are indicated by the colour of the beard. The faces of gods, heroes, and kings are always painted green and they have white beard (Vela tatti). Schemers are indicated by black beard (Karutta tati). What coloured beard do the daemons wear?

Ans: Red

Cuvanna tati.

7. Grace Bedell, age 11,suggested  Abraham  Lincoln to do something and  in return she would try to get her four brothers to vote for him as president. Lincoln won the election in November and followed up with Bedell's suggestion. What did he do?

Ans: He grew a beard.

8. According to the Guinness Book of world records, what record does Anthony Victor from Madurai hold (held since 2007) ?

Ans: He has the Longest ear Hair.

9. Which island nation got  its name from the Portuguese word for 'bearded' because of its numerous moss-hung fig-trees?

Ans: Barbados

10. 1977, many US newspapers carried a news clip like this (this one from the Pittsburgh post archived on Google news) about Mark Traynor's eyebrow choices. Whose eyebrows beat that of Elizabeth Taylor and were chosen the "Most expressive and most intelligent" ?

Ans: Lassie.

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