26 Jun 2016

Quiz 12 - 10 questions on Dwarfs - Answers

1. In Indian mythology which avatar of Vishnu was a dwarf ?

Ans: Vamana the fifth Avatar.

2. In 1938 Walt Disney won the  "Special Academy Award for pioneering a great new entertainment field" for the motion picture cartoon Snow white and the Seven dwarfs. The award was presented to Disney by Shirley Temple. Other than the Oscar statue what else was presented to Disney?

Ans: Seven miniature Oscar statues

3.According to Nordic mythology, to seal the truce between Aesir and Vanir, gods of both factions spat into a bowl and from this mixture created Kvasir, the God of knowledge and inspiration, who would act like an intermediary between the two groups . Unfortunately he was murdered by the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar  and his blood was mixed with honey and the dwarfs made something from this mixture.  This Nordic story explains the origin of what ?

Ans: Beer. The dwarfs brewed the red beer Kvas (kvass) called the mead of Inspiration.

4. This element gets its name from the German word for  “harmful goblin,”  because the presence of its ore made it more difficult to extract silver and miners believed that the ore of this element was harmful to neighboring silver ores.Which element?

Ans: Cobalt

5.Other than being heavenly bodies what connects Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Erisrf ?

Ans: They all are classified as dwarf planets.

6.The name of which breed of dog means " Dwarf dog" in Welsh?

Ans: Corgi. The publishing house is named after Corgi, the dog breed. The dogs get their name from the Welsh word for "dwarf dog"

7. In the late 1950's and into the 1960's, it was common to refer to the computer industry as “IBM and the Seven Dwarfs,” a reference to the relatively diminutive market share of its nearest rivals. Five of the seven companies that constituted the dwarfs were; Control Data Corporation(CDC), Univac, Burroughs, RCA, and National Cash Register.Name the other two?

Ans: Honeywell and General Electric (GE).  Later “IBM and the Seven Dwarfs” was reduced to “IBM and the BUNCH of Five”—BUNCH being an acronym for B(urroughs), U(NIVAC), N(CR), C(DC), and H(oneywell)

8.Which famous image would you be seeing, if you were seing the dwarf 'Apasmarapurusa'?

Ans: The image of Nataraja. The figure on whom Shiva is dancing is 'Apasmarapurusa' (a symbol of man's ignorance; purusha meaning “man,” and apasmara “forgetfulness,” or “heedlessness”)

9. Because the producers of this movie could not afford a real plane in the background at the airport scene. They used a small cardboard cutout, with midgets portraying the crew preparing the plane for takeoff. Which Oscar winning movie?

Ans: Casablanca

10.Which prefix, generally used in science and maths, originates from the Greek word for "dwarf  ?"

Ans: Nano, Meaning one billionth (10-9) ex: nanosecond

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